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Elizabeth Gaskell

  • Barkod : 9786052492918

elizabeth stevenson was born in london on 29 september 1810 the daughter of a unitarian minister after her mother s early death she was raised by an aunt who lived in knutsford in cheshire ...


Bram Stoker

  • Barkod : 9786052492840

abraham bram stoker was bom 8 november 1847 in dublin ireland to a civil servant father and charity worker and writer mother he was a sickly child and spent lots of time in bed being told ...


Jane Austen

  • Barkod : 9786052492932


Agnes Grey

Anne Bronte

  • Barkod : 9786052492888


Daisy Miller

Henry James

  • Barkod : 9786052492925


Animal Farm

George Orwell

  • Barkod : 9786254071775


The Island House - Stage 3

F. M. Holmes

  • Barkod : 9786254070723

the island house is a story book which tells the adventures of a brave boy who is called alfy a terrible storm breaks out in the night and the walls of the dam in the village collapse ...

The Enchanted Castle - Stage 4

Edith Nesbit

  • Barkod : 9786254071126

hikayemizin sonunda boşluk doldurmalı konu tarama soruları ile sözlük ilavesi vardır the enchanted castle is a story book which contains the simplified edition of the novel with the same ...

166 içerikten 0-24 arasındakiler gösteriliyor.