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Maurice MaeterLinck

  • Barkod : 9786254072697


Lord Jim

joseph Conrad

  • Barkod : 9786052493007



William Shakespeare

  • Barkod : 9786052492826


The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling

  • Barkod : 9786052493069

rudyard kipling 1865 1936 was bom in bombay but educated in england at the united services college westward ho bideford in 1882 he returned to İndia where he worked for anglo indian ...

The Last Of The Mohicans

James Fenimore Cooper

  • Barkod : 9786052493052

james f cooper was a 19th century american novelist best known far the leatherstocking tales including the last of the mohicans vvhich is extensively regarded as his masterwork his ...

Silas Marner

George Eliot

  • Barkod : 9786052493045


The New Atlantis

Francis Bacon

  • Barkod : 9786052493083

francis bacon was born on 22 january 1561 in london he was the son of sir nicholas bacon keeper of the great seal for elizabeth i bacon studied at cambridge university and at gray s inn and ...

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte

  • Barkod : 9786052492970



William Shakespeare

  • Barkod : 9786052492956


The Principles of Scientific Management

Frederick Winslow Taylor

  • Barkod : 9786254072444

president roosevelt in his address to the governors at the white house prophetically remarked that the conservation of our national resources is only preliminary to the larger question of ...


Elizabeth Gaskell

  • Barkod : 9786052492918

elizabeth stevenson was born in london on 29 september 1810 the daughter of a unitarian minister after her mother s early death she was raised by an aunt who lived in knutsford in cheshire ...


Bram Stoker

  • Barkod : 9786052492840

abraham bram stoker was bom 8 november 1847 in dublin ireland to a civil servant father and charity worker and writer mother he was a sickly child and spent lots of time in bed being told ...


Jane Austen

  • Barkod : 9786052492932


203 içerikten 0-24 arasındakiler gösteriliyor.